CM$M & Friends

CM$M & Friends

Presented by Ca$h Money $treet Mafia

Taking over the Rap Music Scene, “CM$M” short for “Cash Money $treet Mafia” is a Hiphop/Rap Team and label from Central Pennsylvania.  Created By Hiphop Artists T.L “The Legend”, Kilo Sav, Josiah Martin, Visionary and The Young Blaze, they are bringing PA back on the map for this music scene to be discussed among the greats again!

They bring a new sound and style that resonates differently and feels like a breath of fresh air from the monotonous rappers of today. These artists on the label have established their own amazing solo careers as independent artists releasing their own music.  When they come together they make for an amazing combination, having multiple albums, mixtapes and EP’s on all platforms. Officially having music on a professional level since 2015, they have come a long way.

The year of 2022 has been amazing touring Pennsylvania, State College is a second home to us!  Having the opportunity to have our first homecoming show is something we’ve strived for in our careers.  Since we’re so close to home we wanted to bring our friends with us to make this an even bigger and better show!  That’s why it’s called “CM$M & Friends”.

Being a Hiphop/rap team is never easy.  We’ve built a unit and foundation staying focused on the music, creating art with every song we touch, while staying original but staying updated with today’s sound.  When you tell people you make Hiphop/rap music most places assume we’re the basic stereotype of that, we’re the total opposite.  Our style is done in a way you can feel and tell that this is what good music is all about.  We want to personally thank The State Theatre for giving us this opportunity.  We are here to prove that we will have the greatest show ever while being one of the first Hiphop/rap teams to do it locally!

Our music stands out but also reminds you of what’s missing lately when it comes to today’s music.  We come from the end of an era mixed with the start of a new one.  Starting out years ago selling CDs in school, uploading music to live mixtapes, building a whole fan base on YouTube, dropping freestyle videos, to now being huge in the music streaming game on all platforms.  We have live touring shows, social media runs with more music videos, and are constantly putting out great quality albums and singles that make you realize why you’ve been a fan since day one!  The prime example of how potential, hard work and dedication can get you out of the trap!  We did, so can you!

The indie record label, “CM$M Productions”, has put out 14 albums on all platforms.  “CM$M Vol.1” was successfully produced by T.L “The Legend” and includes every artist under the label.  They have their documentary series called the “Everyday Life” that shows their day to day lives, events, and life on the road being Hiphop artists.  July 9th at The State Theatre will be one of their most historical moments to remember and experience with our fans.

Our friends! What’s a huge show that will be one of the biggest without our friends?  Of course we have to bring them with us being we’re in State College!  Our opening line up will include friends of CM$M including MIND$WORD, Lil Obie, and more!

So everybody, this event is definitely something you do not want to miss.  To all of my new fans or people from the “State College” area that may not know our music or have only heard of us, and who are interested to come out and see us live, please do!  We would love and highly appreciate your support because this will be a great show and it’s definitely worth your while to get a ticket! Now to our day one fans from our home towns, this is exactly why you supported us so make sure you come out to see this because you all watched the come up from the beginning and deserve to enjoy this moment with us now!

T.L “The Legend”

Kilo Sav

Josiah Martin

The Young Blaze


Saturday, Jul 9th, 2022


8:00 pm


General Admission - $20 (includes fee)


The Friedman Auditorium
130 W. College Ave. State College, PA



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