Good Company Premiere


Tue, May 2, 2023


7:00 pm


General Admission - $7.50 (includes fee)


The Friedman Auditorium
130 W. College Ave. State College, PA

Good Company is a thesis film led by five soon-to-be graduates of the PSU Bellisario College of Communications: Cat (Catherine) Cao, Sebastian Reyes, Tusha Pham, Patrick O’Brien, and Ben McClary. Their first goal as student filmmakers? To provide a set and experience that emulated the professionalism and rigor of higher-level productions to the best of their ability. The second goal was to champion a diverse cast and crew to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in State College’s arts scene at large. This being at the forefront of our efforts, we are proud to say that our crew is made up of around 65% minority identifying students.

They hope that upon the completion of this year-long project, they’ve demonstrated the creative potential and ever-growing enthusiasm of Penn State’s film production students. Please join them in celebration at the Good Company premiere on May 2nd!

What is it about?

Annika is writing her first exposé on Surcon Industries’ dubious love matching program. What she doesn’t expect is to develop feelings for the man she’s paired with, and neither does her girlfriend. Will she be able to stick to her journalistic integrity or will she trust this new mysterious beau?

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