Production Intern

The State Theatre is seeking a Production Intern to join our Production Team. 

This internship is ideal for a detail-oriented candidate with an interest in venue production, audio, lighting and stage. The ideal candidate could be interested in a specific area of concert and theatre production, and/or have an interest in exploring areas of production. 

The intern would experience and learn while assisting in the continued care, preservation and exploration of the technical infrastructure and furthermore in the preparation and execution of all types of events. 

As a Production Intern at The State Theatre you would report to and assist the Production Manager with day to day duties and also be an integral part of the production crew the day of show. Some duties include but are not limited to:

Day to Day:
  • Exploring technical challenges within the theatre.  
  • Maintenance and cleaning of lighting and audio systems/equipment
  • General projects and organization as they relate to production. 
  • Prepping for show dates, stage, set up, cleanup, hospitality, runner.
  • Overall day to day production needs.
Day of Show:
  • Load in/out of artist’s equipment and assist with any changeovers.
  • Set up and tear down stage equipment and backline.
  • Assist LD with focusing, hanging, and any lighting needs the show may require.
  • Assist LD, FOH & MON engineer with a goal of console time if applicable.
  • Overall day of production needs.
The Ideal candidate would have:
  • A basic knowledge of audio mixing and audio equipment.
  • A basic knowledge of lighting equipment and principles.
  • Basic electrical, soldering, mechanical and carpentry skills.
The Requirements:

Any candidate for the Production Intern must bring a positive attitude and have a service oriented mindset. The candidate must value and focus on the details, be organized, and curious. The candidate must be eager to learn, take direction and remain professional under pressure.

**This internship is approximately 15-20 hours a week, with a flexible schedule requiring day, and evening availability.