The Next Stage presents

Outside Mullingar

Important Information

Matinee performances will require Proof of COVID Vaccination and face masks to attend. Evening performances have no COVID restrictions. Feel free to wear a mask, but it is not required.


Sun, Apr 14, 2024


3:00 pm


General Admission - $28 (includes fee)


The Attic


The Next Stage Theatre Company
The Next Stage Theatre Company

by John Patrick Shanley,

winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Doubt: A Parable

In this funny, heartbreaking, poetic, and deeply moving play, Outside Mullingar, we join two very Irish families hammering out what a person needs to live fully.

Shanley’s earlier play Doubt won the Pulitzer and a Tony in 2005.

Anthony lives life fenced in, isolated on the farm he runs by himself in rural Ireland.

His life may look like the lives of people we all know. Following expected paths if we want the prize: acceptance. Family and our culture pressuring us to marry and to have work and pastimes they understand.

Anthony is also a very shy, eccentric man.
Strong cultural and religious values pretty much rule out dating.
His duties leave no time to mingle, even with friends.

How would you scale all of those fences?


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