For close to 20 years The State Theatre has been hosting national touring artists, and local artists including concerts, theatre, dance, film and talks. We are committed to artistry, community and providing connection between performers and their audience to help create a memorable experience.

We are looking for special people that have the heart, drive and desire to help seed and grow a more robust artistic culture in our small town, and who are interested in pursuing the next step of growth for our artistic community and the theatre’s future.

Are you passionate? Do you have that heart, drive and desire? Are your resourceful, forward-thinking, and collaborative? Can you see yourself working in an environment and with a group of people that embrace these qualities? Do you really love music and the arts? Do you “get it”?

If this is you, and you fit one of the positions described further below, we are inviting you to join us…

Or, if you can bring one of the talents and skills listed directly below to the team and feel you may make a good fit in some capacity, please send us a cover letter and resume.

Let’s do great work together!

Audio Production
Live Streaming and Broadcasting
Recording and Studio Mixing
Event Consulting
Stage Lighting Design
Live Event / Festival Planning
Video Recording/Editing
Video Consulting
Content Creation
Social Media Marketing and Design
Graphic Design
Stage Management
Production Management 


We need volunteers all the time, generally to usher and take tickets, but oftentimes for other fun or meaningful tasks. Volunteer gigs often come with perks, like FREE tickets to shows. 

Are you interested in volunteering with the theatre in capacities other than listed below?  If so, please contact us at info@thestatetheatre.org.


Ushers take tickets and get to see performances for FREE. That’s it.  

Fill out the application below, if you have any questions please contact statetheatreushers@gmail.com.

Volunteer Street Team​

Volunteers are needed to help with event marketing. We are forming a nice group of dependable people for street marketing, which includes (but is not limited to) posters, flyers, and handout distribution. It’s a fantastic opportunity to gather a few friends and work together. For more information, drop us a line.