The Friedman Auditorium

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The State is a beautiful, state-of-the-art theatre, seating 591 in the Main Auditorium and featuring an intimate, smaller space for performances upstairs known as The Attic. We boast a 29′x40′ stage, 88 dimmers, a front-center hydraulic lift, and a powerful new projector.

Making our beautiful facility a home away from home for local artists and arts groups is perhaps the most important part of our mission. It is a pleasure for our staff to work with you to “make your dreams come true” by performing at The State Theatre.

Main Auditorium Tech Specs

Seating Capacity

The State Theatre features a 591 seated capacity in the following configuration.

Orchestra – 410 (342 fixed / 61 removable first three rows for GA Pit / 7 handicap)
Balcony – 128 (128 fixed)
Opera Boxes – 16 (8 removable per box located House Left and House Right)
Overflow – Up to 37 (all removable located at the back of house)

Stage Dimensions

Proscenium: 34’-4” wide x 21’-0” high
Stage: 29’ deep x 41’ wide (Stage Right has more wing space due to angled wall/Upstage wall is
only 27’ wide due to Upstage Right spiral staircase which has access to downstairs green rooms.
Stair case is hidden behind upstage 7’ black velour as well as a matching one on Upstage Left.)

Stage Height: 3’-2” CL to SL: 19’-9” CL to SR: 22’-3

Stage Curtains

1’-9”: US Main dark teal velour curtains (31’-6” max opening)
6’-7”: US 6’ black velour leg
7’-3”: US full stage black sharks tooth scrim (masks roll down cinema screen)
12’-6”: 6’ black velour legs (swivel mounts)
15’-8”: 6’ black velour legs (dead hung)
20’-6”: US full stage black velour traveler
20’-6”: ALL LEGS TO THIS CREATE 25’-6” stage width
29’-0”: US Hard CYC. Flat white (level 5 drywall)
SR WING: 7’-9” wing space SL WING: 7’-0” wing space
**If 32’-0” wide stage is needed, wings can be reduced to 4’-0” by placing legs on lighting trusses and
(2) dead hung with swivel capacity.


All rigging is by chain motor to overhead steel I-beams. First 6’-0” upstage is 25’-5”, elsewhere is 24’- 0”. See lighting plot for truss details.

Stage Equipment

GENIE LIFT – AWP30S (max work height 35’-6”)

DRUM RISER – (4) Wenger Versalite Platforms (4’ x 8’) 8” or 16” legs

PIANO – 7’ Steinway Grand

HOUSE STEPS – Removable stairs to access stage from house floor

PIT LIFT – 10’ x 4’-9” scissor lift (house floor to stage height) for load in

Folding lectern, Orchestra chairs and Music Stands are available upon request


Load In/Out

Reserved parking beside Stage Left door available upon request (cars/vans only) via Calder Alley. Load in done through back alley into Stage Left door. **Stage Left parking area is sloped**

Bus/Trailer parking is available on Fraser St. located out Stage Left and down Calder Alley. Shore power is available at this location for the Bus.

Load in via Front Main Entrance (College Ave.) available upon request.

Main PA System


The State Theatre has the following in house Audio PA.  Mix Position is 53’ from the stage under
the balcony.


(1) Yamaha M7CL-48 [FOH]
(1) Yamaha M7CL-48 [MON]


(2) Electro-Voice X1-212 Line array (9 boxes/side, each array consists of 6 90° and 3 120° boxes)

(4) Electro-Voice X12-128 Subwoofers (2 flown, 2 under stage)

(3) Meyer UM-1P Front Fills

Amps & Processing

(4) Dynacord IPX 5:4 amplifiers

Dynacord Sonicue Software


(8) RCF TT25-CXA 15” 1500w Powered

(1) Yorkville élite EF500P 800w Powered

(1) JBL Eon 518S 500w Powered subwoofer

Microphones & DI Boxes

(8) Shure SM57

(6) Shure SM58

(1) Shure Beta 57a

(1) Shure Beta 52

(1) Shure SM91

(4) Sennheiser e604

(4) Sennheiser MD 421

(2) Sennheiser e609

(1) EV RE20 Cardioid

(1) Audix DP5A Drum Mic Kit

(3) Audio-Technica V861R Floor Mics

(2) Shure MX202B/C Choir Mics

(5) Shure Beta 58a

(2) Shure Beta 57a

(3) Shure SM 81-LC

(2) Shure PG 81

(4) Shure SM 57

(1) Shure 55SH

(1) Shure PG52

(1) Shure PG56

(1) Shure Beta98H

(3) Shure MX393/C

(2) Shure MX393/O

(15) Shure Wireless SLX receivers

(4) SLX wireless SM58

(15) SLX Body pack wireless transmitters

(4) Countryman 85 DI

(6) Whirlwind Imp Passive DI Boxes

(2) Radial ProD2 Stereo DI Boxes


(2) Kinoton F30E 35MM Projectors located in Projection booth

(1) Sanyo PDG-DHT8000L Multimedia Projector, located on Balcony Rail.

Movie System

(2) Sony Blu-ray Players

(1) Marshall V-R82DP-HAD Dual Screen Monitor

(1) Dell Desktop PC

(1) Dolby DA20 Surround Sound Processor

(1) QSC DCA3022 Amplifier

(3) QSC DCA1824 Amplifier

(4) QSC DCA1622 Amplifier

(2) QSC DCA1222 Amplifier

Steward Roll-Up Screen 8’-9” Upstage. 31’-0” wide by 15’-6” height viewing area.


The State Theatre has the following house lighting rig. Note: all lighting is 3-Pin Stage pin via Socapex to breakouts (circuits located Stage Right). Small extension inventory available. If necessary, WE HAVE both DMX and Ethernet snakes from FOH to Stage already in house. We carry two universes in house, Universe ONE for in house lighting and Universe TWO for guest lighting. All lighting positions and addresses available upon arrival.


(1) ETC Ion w/ (1) 2 x 20 fader wing and (1) 1 x 20 fader wing


(2) ETC Sensor 96 Racks

**module configuration available upon request**



COVE – Top House level/front of spot-projection booth.

LADDER – Stage Left and Stage Right, (4) rung ladders, (6) circuits per side.

BALCONY – Full Balcony length rail. Along front edge. (12) circuits.

TECH BOXES – (2) rung ladder. House Left and Right closest to stage. PAR 64 fixtures. 3 circuits per side

*all FOH positions typically stocked with instruments in a raceway style circuitry


TRUSS 1 – 4’-0” Upstage. 20” x 20” box truss 36’ length. 19’-2” trim

TRUSS 2 – 11’-0” Upstage. 12” x 12” box truss. 30’ length 19’-0” trim

**this truss has 6 circuits but is shared with cinema speakers**

TRUSS 3 – 17’-4” Upstage. 20” x 20” box truss. 35’ length 18’-10” trim

Truss 4 – 22’-6” Upstage. 20” x 20” box truss. 26’ length 19’-1” trim

*trims based on bottom of truss heights. Fixture and cinema speakers trim lower*


(2) Lycian Starklite 1271 1200w Spotlights [located in projection booth]

For lighting questions please email:

Additional Information

Dressing Rooms

Within the Theatre there are (2) two downstairs dressing rooms including mirrors, seating, and a bathroom with shower in each, as well as a common area. These have access to both Stage Left via backstage staircase and Stage Right via a spiral staircase directly to Upstage Right. We also have a single (1) dressing room located off Stage Left with mirrors, seating, and a bathroom with shower facility.


All merchandising is done in the main lobby.  The State Theatre does offer merch sellers if discussed in advance.  Commission rates apply please contact the Rental Manager or Venue Director based on contact for engagement.


The State Theatre provides in house staffing from concessions, stage hands, techs, ushers, box office, and security.


The State Theatre features an in house concessions stand with popcorn, soft drinks, candy as well as a performing arts liquor license.